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The software package seems to be broken (seems means i'm not quite sure). It won't run and will report a wrong driver version for the drivers to run the voc editor and player (which is btw a very good player). Assuming it might have been broken i downloaded the complete sbpro installation disks from a link on VOGONS. However this package is "broken" (not sure if this won't harm on a real dos machine) as well and reports the same error. The solution is quite simple, the voc editor has a version # of 2.15 while the drivers "CTVDSK.DRV" and "CT-VOICE.DRV" show a version # of 2.12. The data is stored in the drivers in a quite simple manner, at address 0x30-0x32 you find the preset blaster variables Address 220 and interrupt 7 "20 02 07" (this has to be edited to if the interrupt is 5, at least if you use it in this simple manner out of this package and haven't the sbpro drivers installed which will be hardly possible i.e. in DOSBox it will be quite different on a real machine with a real sbpro2 card. strange-wisely the instructions report interrupt 5 as default while the driver checker reports 7 which is also the case for this two drivers, probably a complete setup would change this, but the installation quits in DOSBox because it misses the windows directory, the dos drivers and files are present but the setup routine won't have finished), right after this at address 0x33 is the version # stored as dbl-word which would be for 2.15 "0c 02" if you alter this to "0f 02" it will be version 2.15 which will fit to the version of the editor. Both drivers have the tard stored at the same address in the same manner. After this edit the voc player and the voc editor will run proper without to report any error messages. If you encounter silence while playing back the example .voc in the directory set the volume sliders to max they are at 0 at first call.

Pardon me if i report this fix here, but i didn't found a way to report it in another way. I'm not sure if i should upload the hacked drivers or leave this up to the interested user, i prefer the latter. However you can suggest it or ask me for it my mail address is public here.

your user friendly hacker Gernot Schrader