Takushi Hiyamuta

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Takushi Hiyamuta
Takushi Hiyamuta.jpg
Local 冷牟田 卓志 (ひやむた たくし)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Hiya, Hiya-Unit, H!, Hiya!, Gangy Hiya, Irem Sound Team

Takushi Hiyamuta is a Japanese composer and sound designer, known for his works at SNK Playmore and Irem.

Around 1989, Takushi joined Irem as a composer. He composed music primarily for their arcade games, and scored such gems as Gallop, Undercover Cops, and Daiku no Gen-san. When the company started focusing on the home console market, he composed music and sound for games such as Super R-Type and Image Fight 2. Later, Hiyamuta joined Nasca and worked on the Metal Slug series, and is one of his highly acclaimed works. When Nasca was acquired by SNK Playmore, he stayed with them and worked on their King of Fighters series.

Music Development


Takushi used a sound engine by Toshihiro Kobayashi. He used instruments from the Korg M1, T2, and Wavestation.


Released Title Sample Notes
1989-??-?? Kengo (ARC) (剣豪)
1990-12-11 Kung Fu Master (GB) (スパルタンX) Credited as "Irem Sound Team".[1]

Used Hiroto Nakamura's sound driver.

1990-??-?? Air Duel (ARC) (エアデュエル)
1990-??-?? Hammerin' Harry (ARC) (大工の源さん) Sound Effects
1990-??-?? Pound for Pound (ARC) (パウンド・フォー・パウンド)
1991-??-?? Cross Blades! (ARC) (クロスブレイズ)
1991-??-?? Gallop: Armed Police Unit (ARC) (コズミックコップ)
1991-07-13 Super R-Type (SNES) (スーパー・アールタイプ)
1991-11-15 Hammerin' Harry (NES) (大工の源さん) Arranged by Ikuko Mimori.
1991-12-20 R-Type Complete CD (ROM2)
1992-??-?? Quiz F1 1, 2 Finish (ARC) (クイズF1 1・2 フィニッシュ)
1992-??-?? Undercover Cops (ARC)
1992-12-18 Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker (ROM2) (イメージ・ファイト2)
1993-??-?? Fire Barrel (ARC) (ファイアーバレル) SE Charge
1993-??-?? Gussin Oyaya (ARC) (ぐっすんおよよ)
1994-??-?? Geo Storm (ARC) (ジオストーム)
1995-03-03 Undercover Cops (SFC) (アンダーカバーコップス)
1996-03-01 Neo Turf (NG) (ビッグトーナメントゴルフ)
1996-05-24 Metal Slug (NG) (メタルスラッグ)
1997-04-25 Sparkling Feather (PCFX) (スパークリング フェザー)
1998-04-02 Metal Slug 2 (NG) (メタルスラッグ2)
1998-10-28 The King of Fighters R-1 (NGP) (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズR―1)
1999-??-?? SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash (NGP) (激突カードファイターズ SNK VS CAPCOM)
1999-03-19 The King of Fighters R-2 (NGP) (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズR―2)
1999-05-27 Metal Slug X (NG) (メタルスラッグX)
1999-12-20 Sonic the Hedgehog (NGP) (ソニックポケットアドベンチャー)
2000-06-01 Metal Slug 3 (NG) (メタルスラッグ3)
2009-05-28 Half-Minute Hero (PSP) (勇者30)
Unreleased Undercover Cops (FC)