Takayuki Iwabuchi

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Takayuki Iwabuchi
Takayuki Iwabuchi - 01.jpg
Local 岩渕 貴幸 (いわぶち たかゆき)
Born 19??-??-??
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Lu.Iwabuchi
AX-1 Iwabuchi

Takayuki Iwabuchi is a Japanese sound designer and programmer. He joined Hudson Soft around 1987. During most of his career, his credits included sound programming and design. His most significant contributions included programming the audio engines used by Hudson Soft including the TurboGrafx-16 and SNES. He stayed with Hudson all the way until they were bought by Konami. Tetris Axis for the Nintendo 3DS appears to have been his last game, and it appears he retired from the game industry afterwards.

Audio Development


For the TurboGrafx-16, Iwabuchi programmed a sound driver, likely in 65C02 assembly language. According to various sound designers, the music was written on a PC-9801 in a custom Music Macro Language, and subsequently assembled for playback on the target console.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-10-30 Shanghai (PCE) (上海)
Sound Driver
1987-11-21 China Warrior (TG16) (THE 功夫)
Sound Driver
1987-11-30 J.J. & Jeff (TG16) (カトちゃん ケンちゃん)
Sound Driver
1987-12-28 Victory Run (TG16) (ビクトリーラン 栄光の13、000キロ)
Sound Driver
1988-04-22 Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE) (遊々人生)
Sound Driver
1988-07-08 Sengoku Mahjong (PCE) (戦国麻雀)
Sound Driver
1988-06-24 World Class Baseball (TG16) (パワーリーグ)
Sound Driver
1988-09-23 The Legendary Axe (TG16) (魔境伝説) Sound Driver
1988-11-18 Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no Ougon (PCE) (定吉七番 秀吉の黄金)
Sound Driver
1988-12-04 Fighting Street (TCD) (ファイティング・ストリート) Sound Effect
1989-02-09 Military Madness (TG16) (ネクタリス) Sound Driver
1989-04-27 Susanoou Densetsu (PCE) (凄ノ王伝説) Sound Unit
1989-05-25 Power Golf (TG16) (パワーゴルフ)
Sound Driver
1989-06-30 Tengai Makyou: Ziria (ROM2) (天外魔境 自来也) Sound Program
1989-08-10 Break In (PCE) (ブレイクイン)
Sound Driver
1989-10-31 Cratermaze (TG16) (ドラえもん 迷宮大作戦) Sound Program
1989-10-31 Doraemon: Meikyuu Daisakusen (PCE) (ドラえもん 迷宮大作戦) Sound Program
1990-07-06 Super Star Soldier (TG16) (スーパースターソルジャー) Sound
1992-04-24 Star Parodier (ROM2) (スターパロジャー) S.E.
1992-07-10 Soldier Blade (PCE) (ソルジャーブレイド) Sound System Programming
1993-12-24 Shin Momotarou Densetsu (SFC) (スーパー桃太郎伝説) Technical Staff: Sound
1995-01-16 UNDAKE 30: Same Game Daisakusen: Mario Version (SFC) SFX SOUND DRIVER Version 1.12a (BS-X Version): Program
1995-04-28 Super Bomberman 3 (SFC) (スーパーボンバーマン3) SFX SOUND DRIVER Version 1.16: Program
1995-07-07 Caravan Shooting Collection (SFC) SFX SOUND DRIVER Version 1.17s: Program
1995-08-12 Vertical Force (VB) (バーティカルフォース) Sound Creator
1995-12-21 Tengai Makyou Zero (SFC) (天外魔境 ZERO) Sound Unit: System Program
1996-03-22 Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken (SFC) (ドレミファンタジー ミロンのドキドキ大冒険) Sound programmer
1996-04-26 Super Bomberman 4 (SFC) (スーパーボンバーマン4) SFX SOUND DRIVER Ver 2.28: Program
1997-01-14 Tengai Makyou: Daiyon no Mokushiroku: The Apocalypse IV (SAT) (天外魔境 第四の黙示録) Sound: Engineering
1997-02-28 Super Bomberman 5 (SFC) (スーパーボンバーマン5) Sound / Music Technical Programming
1997-09-26 Bomberman 64 (N64) (爆ボンバーマン) Sound Program
1998-07-24 Super B-Daman: Battle Phoenix 64 (N64) (スーパービーダマン バトルフェニックス64) Sound System
1998-07-10 Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (N64) (スターソルジャー バニシングアース) Sound Programmer
1998-12-18 Mario Party (N64) (マリオパーティ) Sound System Programmer
1999-12-03 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack (N64) (爆ボンバーマン2) (Sound) System Supporter
1999-12-17 Mario Party 2 (N64) (マリオパーティ2) Sound Programmer
2000-11-07 Mario Party 3 (N64) (マリオパーティ3) Sound Programmer
2000-12-?? Bloody Roar 3 (ARC) (ブラッディロア3) Sound System Programmer
2001-03-01 Bloody Roar 3 (PS2) Sound System Programmer
2002-12-21 Mario Party 4 (GC) (マリオパーティ4) Sound Programmer
2003-10-31 Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue (GC) Sound Programmer
2003-11-10 Mario Party 5 (GC) (マリオパーティ5) Sound Program
2003-11-11 Bloody Roar 4 (PS2) (ブラッディロア4) Sound Support
2004-11-18 Mario Party 6 (GC) (マリオパーティ6) Sound System
2005-04-14 Tengai Makyou III: Namida (PS2) (天外魔境III NAMIDA) Sound Section: System Program
2005-11-07 Mario Party 7 (GC) (マリオパーティ7) Sound Programming
2006-02-23 Suikoden V (PS2) (幻想水滸伝Ⅴ) Sound System Programmer
2006-08-03 Bomberman: Act:Zero (X360) Sound Programmer
2007-09-25 Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (WII) (ダンスダンスレボリューション ホッテストパーティー) Sound Programmer
2010-10-20 Dream Chronicles (X360) Sound Programming
2011-10-02 Tetris: Axis (3DS) Sound Programming


Iwabuchi used several aliases throughout his career, possibly at the behest of Hudson. He was usually credited as Lu Iwabuchi. The etymology for this name is unknown.

AX-1 Iwabuchi most likely refers to the Roland AX-1, a keytar made by Roland Corporation.

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