Takafumi Fujisawa

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Takafumi Fujisawa
Local 藤澤孝史 (ふじさわ たかふみ)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-08-09 Extra Innings (SNES) (白熱プロ野球ガンバリーグ) With Tetsuya Furumoto and Katsunori Ujie.
1992-07-17 Hook (SNES) (フーク) Music Programming
1994-12-03 Crime Crackers (PS1) (クライムクラッカーズ) Music Producer with Akihiko Shimizu
Sound Director
1995-03-24 Shanghai: Banri no Choujou (PS1) (上海: 万里の長城) Sound Producer with Tomohiko Fukuoka.
1995-04-28 Jumping Flash! (PS1) (ジャンピングフラッシュ) Music Producer with Toshihiro Cho.
1995-04-28 Rapid Reload (PS1) (ガンナーズヘヴン) Sound Director
1995-06-30 Arc the Lad (PS1) (アークザラッド) Sound Director
1995-07-28 Philosoma (PS1) (フィロソマ) Music Producer
1995-09-29 Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic (PS1) (ハーミィホッパーヘッド スクラップパニック) Sound Director
1995-12-29 Project: Horned Owl (PS1) (HORNED OWL) Sound Director
1996-04-26 Jumping Flash! 2 (PS1) (ジャンピングフラッシュ! 2 アロハ男爵大弱りの巻) Music Producer with Toshihiro Cho.
1996-05-24 Motor Toon Grand Prix: USA (PS1) (モータートゥーン・グランプリ2) Music Producer with Seiji Toda and Akihiko Shimizu.
1996-11-01 Arc the Lad II (PS1) Sound Producer with Tomohiko Fukuoka.
1996-12-06 Gaball Screen (PS1) (ガボール スクリーン) Music: Co-Producer with Akihiko Shimizu.
Sound Program with Kazuo Kuwahara.
1997-01-31 Intelligent Qube (PS1) (インテリジェントキューブ) Sound Producer
1997-04-18 Velldeselba Senki: Tsubasa no Kunshou (PS1) (ベルデセルバ戦記 〜翼の勲章〜) With Takashi Tsumaki.
Music Director with Tomoyuki Hamada.
1997-06-20 Baby Universe (PS1) Sound Director
1997-07-17 Ghost in the Shell (PS1) (攻殻機動隊) Sound Director
1997-07-31 Arc the Lad: Monster Game with Casino Game (PS1) (アークザラッド・モンスターゲーム ウィズ カジノゲーム) Sound Producer
1997-11-06 The Granstream Saga (PS1) (グランストリーム伝紀) Sound Director
1997-11-27 Crime Crackers 2 (PS1) (ベイビーユニバース) Sound Director
1998-06-18 Devil Dice (PS1) (XI [sái]) Sound Co-Ordinator
1998-10-29 Legend of Legaia (PS1) (レガイア伝説) Sound
1998-12-23 IQ Final (PS1) (I.Q FINAL) Sound Support
1999-03-11 Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka (PS1) (グローバルフォース 新・戦闘国家) Sound: Producer
1999-04-22 Omega Boost (PS1) (オメガブースト) Sound Producer
1999-07-22 Hot Shots Golf 2 (PS1) (みんなのGOLF2) Sound Producer
2002-04-18 Arc the Lad Collection (PS1) Sound Director
2003-11-06 Siren (PS2) (サイレン) Sound Producer
2006-02-09 Forbidden Siren 2 (PS2) (サイレン2) Sound Producer.
Sound Mastering Engineer with Kazuo Kuwabara.