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TMS5220 - Bare.jpg
Developer: Texas Instruments
Released: 1980-??-??
Type: Chip

The TMS5220 is a collection of audio chips designed and sold by Texas Instruments specifically designed to mimic human speech. Speech data is stored through pitch-excited linear predictive coding (PE-LPC), where words are created by a lattice filter, selectably fed by either an excitation ROM (containing a glottal pulse waveform) or an LFSR (linear feedback shift register) noise generator. Linear predictive coding achieves a vast reduction in data volume needed to recreate intelligible speech data.

The TMS5220 had the same pinout as the earlier TMS5200, but it used a new LPC tables breaking backward compatibility.



TMS5220 - Bare.jpg

The TMS5220, released in 1980, was used in several home computer peripherals and arcade games. Uses the 'final' chirp table. HP 82967A Speech synthesis module, adding 1500-word vocabulary to Series 80 computers. It was made until around 1983 when it was replaced by the TMS5220C.


TMS5220C - Bare.jpg

The TMS5220C, released in 1983, was an improved TMS5220. It reworked the two NOP (No Operation) commands and the parallel FIFO interface to allow for variable-speed speech and was fully compatible with the TMS5220. Those chips produced after 1985 used the number "TSP5220C". It was made until the early 1990s.


Release Company Device Chip
1983-??-?? Texas Instruments TI 99/4A (Possibly in last model) TMS5220
198?-??-?? Street Electronics Echo II TMS5220
1981-??-?? Acorn Computers BBC Micro models A, B and B+ TMS5220
198?-??-?? IBM Speech Adapter TMS5220C
198?-??-?? Pacific Educational Systems Unknown speech device TMS5220C


The TMS5220 was used in over 30 arcade machines, particularly by Atari and Zaccaria.

Release Game Chip
1982-??-?? Looping (ARC) TMS5220
1982-??-?? Sky Bumper (ARC) TMS5220
1982-??-?? Victor Banana (ARC) TMS5220
1982-??-?? Victory (ARC) TMS5220
1983-??-?? Farfalla (PBL) TMS5220
1983-??-?? NFL Football (ARC) TMS5220
1983-??-?? Portraits (ARC) TMS5220
1983-??-?? Star Wars (ARC) TMS5220
1983-??-?? Time Machine (PBL) TMS5220
1984-??-?? Devil Riders (PBL) TMS5220
1984-??-?? Firefox (ARC) TMS5220
1984-??-?? Magic Castle (PBL) TMS5220
1984-??-?? Paperboy (ARC) TMS5220C
1984-??-?? Return of the Jedi (ARC) TMS5220
1985-10-?? Gauntlet (ARC) TMS5220C
1985-??-?? Clown (PBL) TMS5220
1985-??-?? The Empire Strikes Back (ARC) TMS5220
1985-??-?? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (ARC) TMS5220C
1985-??-?? Pool Champion (PBL) TMS5220
1985-??-?? Road Runner (ARC) TMS5220
1985-??-?? Robot (PBL) TMS5220
1986-??-?? 720° (ARC) TMS5220C
1986-??-?? Blackbelt (PBL) TMS5220
1986-??-?? Gauntlet II (ARC) TMS5220C
1986-??-?? Mexico '86 (PBL) TMS5220
1986-??-?? Zankor (PBL) TMS5220
1987-??-?? A.P.B. (ARC) TMS5220C
1987-??-?? RoadBlasters (ARC) TMS5220C
1987-??-?? Spooky (PBL) TMS5220
1988-??-?? Vindicators: Part II (ARC) TMS5220C
1989-??-?? Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters (ARC) TMS5220C

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Document Download
TMS5220 Manual Download - (info)
TMS5220C Manual Download - (info)

Emulation Status

Both the TMS5220 and TMS5220C have been emulated by MAME.