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TFMX Editor
Editor - TFMX Editor.png
Creator Chris Hülsbeck
Released Unreleased
Platform Commodore 64
For the Amiga version, see TFMX-Editor.

TFMX Editor is a music editor for the Commodore 64.

In June 1988, Chris Hülsbeck was still using his first music editor from 1986, Soundmonitor, with samples. However, during that summer, he noticed that the new 8580 revision of the SID chip played samples too quietly and decided to improve on the analog SID sounds instead. As part of that, he wrote a new driver which used a script language in addition to the typical rigid instrument table.

In August 1988, Hülsbeck first used TFMX on a game, namely Starball (C64), although it was not released until December. The first release with TFMX was Garrison (C64), scored by Ramiro Vaca, in September.

Hülsbeck did two bugfixes in late 1988 and early 1989.



TFMX Editor was only available to Hülsbeck and Vaca. In 1989 and 1990, the demo scene developed and released an editor, first called Mastercomposer V1.0 (not to be confused with Master Composer from 1983) and then Timecomposer V4.0.

Hülsbeck has thought about releasing TFMX Editor, but prefers finding time to write a proper manual over spending time on support. During two video interviews, he showed one screenshot each of his demo song Time from September or October 1988.

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