Stormovik Theme

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Stormovik Theme
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Stormovik - DOS - Title.png
Composer George Sanger
Arranger George Sanger
Released 1990-??-??
Length 1:24.42
Format SNG (Electronic Arts).png
Game Stormovik: Soviet Attack Fighter SU-25 (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

The Stormovik Theme was composed by George Sanger to be played as the theme song for Stormovik: Soviet Attack Fighter SU-25 (DOS). The song is played during the introduction sequence of the game. George wrote the music in Digital Performer for the Macintosh. Warhol may have arranged his music for the lesser-quality sound cards.

The song can be played on four different audio devices, with the best quality being heard from the AdLib version.

The Adlib audio is stored in the ADLRussi.sng file, the Creative Music System audio is stored in the CMSRussi.sng file, the Tandy 3 Voice and PC Speaker audio is stored in the IBMRussi.sng file.