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Stormlord - GEN - USA.jpg
Platform: Genesis
Year: 1990
Developer: Punk Development

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Game programmer Kevin Seghetti subcontracted the music to his friend Lars Norpchen, who composed 10 songs, not based on the original computer versions, but instead one of his favorite composers, Danny Elfman. The sound effects were transferred by someone from the Amiga version.

Norpchen composed on his Yamaha FB-01 and adapted his instruments to the Genesis's OPN2 chip (both FB-01 and OPN2 are based on four-operator FM Synthesis).

Norpchen has called his music "terrible", whereas Seghetti has called it his favorite music among his own games.


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(Sources for Norpchen and Seghetti: interviews on June 22, 2007, March 8 and December 26, 2013. Source for Deenen and voice actor: Stormlord (AMI). Why Stormlord (GEN) does not credit individuals is unknown, though Sega's contract explicitly forbade it at least on an earlier game of Seghetti's.)

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Audio Devices

This game uses the console's built-in OPN2 chip.


German magazine Power Play 10/91 reviewed a Mega Drive version sent to them by series creator 21st Century Entertainment. Whether it was actually released in Europe is not clear.

  USA.svg   USA
Stormlord - GEN - USA.jpg
Title: Stormlord
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1990-??-??
Publisher: RazorSoft Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Stormlord - GEN - Japan.jpg
Title: ストームロード (Stormlord)
Platform: Mega Drive
Released: 1992-03-27
Publisher: Micro World


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