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Stormlord - DOS - EU.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1990
Developer: Hewson

Stormlord is a puzzle platformer created for 8-bit home computers, extended for the Amiga, and subsequently ported to DOS.

The DOS visuals are faithful; free fairies even leave blue stars behind, and you get a text ending after six levels. The DOS gameplay seems to cut down on enemies, but is also very fast and jumps are short—both even more so when less animation is on screen!


Stormlord - DOS - Title Tune.png

Listen to the menu song or press any key.

Stormlord - DOS - Menu.png

Fire the INS key.

Stormlord - DOS - Get Ready.png

Get Ready to press keys.

Stormlord - DOS - Moving.png

Animated fairies and their eagle.

Stormlord - DOS - Bonus.png

The bonus level.


Tony Williams of Sound Images rearranged half the Amiga soundtrack for the PC Speaker. You can tell it was the Amiga because both arrangements exclusively share the simplicity in Title Tune, and the Amiga music is confirmed to be converted from the Commodore 64.

The music is basically 1-bit PCM: Williams' music driver constantly generates two pulse waves at different frequencies, modulates them to emulate decay, mixes them together, and outputs that mix to the speaker. The first 16 seconds were even arranged with an echo.

However, all this was particularly CPU-intensive in 1990, hence the sound effects are just the usual square waves. Also, all songs sound two semitones higher than typed in. In DOSBox 0.74, they sound one more semitone higher and so thin that you can't hear any echo. Both may be due to a timer bug already patched on SourceForge.


All songs were recorded from the game on a Pentium 60 MHz with a microphone in front of the PC Speaker (and a DVD case in front of the fan).

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Tune Johannes BjerregaardTony Williams 4:21
02 Get Ready Johannes BjerregaardTony Williams 0:03
03 G.O Jingle Johannes BjerregaardTony Williams 0:08

(Source: Stormlord (C64).)


(Sources: manual, menu. Source for composer: Stormlord (C64).)

Game Rip





All audio is hard-coded and requires a programmatic or log format that outputs 1-bit PCM to the PC speaker. However, this is beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices


Icon - PC Speaker.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png

Pressing the F key while playing toggles all further sound effects.


  EU.svg   EU
Stormlord - DOS - EU.jpg
Title: Stormlord
Released: 1990-1?-??
Publisher: Hewson Consultants Limited
  USA.svg   USA
Title: Action-Pak Arcade Fever
Platform: DOS
Released: 1990-??-??
Publisher: Spotlight Software
  EU.svg   EU
Hits for Six Volume Six - DOS - EU.jpg
Title: Hits for Six Volume Six
Platform: IBM PC
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Prism Leisure Corporation plc


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