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Founded 1989-0?-??
Last Release 1993-12-??
Not to be confused with the 1987 Commodore 64 game from The Power House.

Stormlord is a series of platformers created by Raffaele Cecco and Nick Jones, programmed for 8-bit home computers by themselves, and published by Hewson Consultants. This trio had as usual Dave Rogers solely produce all Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum audio, while the Maniacs of Noise spawned new compositions on the Commodore 64. The 16-bit ports, all released later, add varying degrees of creativity, especially on graphics and story.

As Stormlord, you free fairies from evil, by simply touching them. The 16-bit ports reveal that Badh the rotting crone from the Elwords imprisoned Rose and her sisters so she can live off the Llyn Cerrig realm.



In this first installment, you must swap items and center yourself on spring boards. In every bonus level in between, you may shoot up to 20 kisses. When you hit a fairy, she lovingly sheds a tear, and every tear you pick up (starting with the 10th) gives you an extra life. The whole game ends instantly after moonrise and easily becomes unwinnable upon a wrong move, even with nine lives left.

All four 16-bit ports insert two new levels (set in a castle) and change the cast a bit. The DOS port adds a text ending (as opposed to restarting at level 1). The Genesis port further adds four levels and simplifies the bonus gameplay. Finally, that Genesis port and a 1993 Amstrad CPC re-release cover up the fairies' torsos.

All three 16-bit computer soundtracks are based on the C64 one, with the Amiga one adding a Hiscore Tune. Unfortunately, both Commodore versions' credits are very confusing (as detailed on their game pages). Lars Norpchen's Genesis console music is unique, whereas all sound effects were copied from the Amiga. The Genesis is also the only one with music and sound effects at the same time. When Stormlord passes a female statue, all except the C64 wolf-whistle.

Deliverance: Stormlord II

This game was the last for Dave Rogers (before taking a break), Matt Gray (on the C64), and Hewson (before becoming 21st Century Entertainment).


The 16-bit games are very different from the 8-bit ones and altogether use only one song by Bent Nielsen.

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