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Stephen Melillo
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Aliases Steve Melillo

Stephen Melillo is an American musician. He has composed the music for all sorts of media including video games. He is one of the most successful musicians. He is also responsible for the music demo at NAMM for Rise of the Robots which changed game scoring forever. Stephen mainly worked for Absolute Entertainment but would sometimes compose music for different companies' games. He is often seen credited with Jim Wallace and Mark Van Hecke. Melillo currently has a band named Stormworks. He has received many honors and awards not only for his musical career, but also for Tae Kwon Do, Black Belt, and literary. He continues to compose music for media to this day. Though he is sometimes credited as Steve Melillo, he prefers Stephen.

While working for Absolute, he was working on a song for a Sega CD version of Battletank, but the game never got released, and the audio director had to terminate him because of the company doing poorly financially.

These games have been verified to have been composed by Stephen via his website:


Released Title Sample Notes
1994-??-?? Jeopardy! (SCD) With Mark Van Hecke and Jim Wallace.
1994-??-?? RDF Global Conflict (SCD) Additional Music
1994-??-?? Wheel of Fortune (SCD) Audio Assistant with Jim Wallace.
1994-08-01 ESPN Sunday Night NFL (GEN) With Jim Wallace.
1994-11-?? ESPN Sunday Night Football (SNES) With Jim Wallace.
1994-11-?? Home Improvement (SNES) With Jim Wallace.
1996-10-?? War 3010: The Revolution (SNES)
Unreleased Battle Tank (SCD)
Unreleased Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors (SCD) Additional Music Adaptation