Step On Beat

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Step On Beat
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OutRun - GEN - Shore.png
Composer Masayoshi Ishi
Arranger Shinichiro Sato
Released 1991-08-09
Length 2:11.53
Format VGM.png
Game OutRun (GEN)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Step On Beat is an extra driving tune added to the Genesis port of the racing game OutRun. The Genesis port has all the original driving tunes composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, but Step On Beat is the work of Masayoshi Ishi. Despite having a different composer, the song is still composed with a rocking jazz style with a bit more emphasis on brass instruments. However, the song is considerably shorter than the Kawaguchi's. The song is heard on the YM2612 audio chip in the Genesis. The official title can be read directly in the game.


Step On Beat is included on the following albums:

Released Album Version Track
2007-02-08 OutRun 20th: Anniversary Box Genesis 6:4