Stage 3 - Victory Run (TG16)

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Stage 3
Output - Hudson.svg
Composer Takeaki Kunimoto
Arranger Unknown
Programmer Takayuki Iwabuchi
Released 1987-12-28
Length 1:56
BPM 150
Format HES.png
Game Victory Run (TG16)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes
This page is for the Victory Run (TG16) song, for more titles see Stage 3.

Stage 3 is a song in Victory Run (TG16).

The song was composed by Takeaki Kunimoto on his various Yamaha MSX music computers, and arranged to play on the TurboGrafx-16, possibly by Toshiyuki Sasagawa by entering the music in Music Macro Language on a PC-9801 computer.

Song Title

The song's title comes from the Takeaki Kinoko Kunimoto History Vol.5: Katoken album. The song title on the CD is in Japanese, ステージ3 (Sutēji 3), which literally translates to Stage 3.

Despite its title, the song is not used in the game. Instead, Title replaces the song as a third stage theme. It is most likely due to the title being official, it was originally intended as a third stage theme, and would have played on the stages the title music plays on; Stage 2, Stage 6, and Stage 8.

The album LEGEND OF GAME MUSIC CONSUMER BOX titles the song BGM4.