Staff Roll - J.J. & Jeff (TG16)

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Staff Roll
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J.J. & Jeff - TG16 - Staff Roll.png
Composer Tamao
Arranger Toshiyuki Sasagawa
Programmer Takayuki Iwabuchi
Released 1987-11-30
Length 2:55
BPM 150
Format HES.png
Game J.J. & Jeff (TG16)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
This page is for the J.J. & Jeff (TG16) song, for more titles see Staff Roll.

Staff Roll is a song that plays after the ending in J.J. & Jeff (TG16), and both the cast of characters and staff credits are displayed.

The game credits its music only to Takeaki Kunimoto under his pseudonym Kinoko Kunimoto. However, in 2020, the album Takeaki Kinoko Kunimoto History Vol. 5: Katoken revealed that its composer was actually a person under the pseudonym Tamao (タマオ). The song was arranged to play on the TurboGrafx-16 by Toshiyuki Sasagawa by entering the music in Music Macro Language on a PC-9801 computer.

Song Title

The song's title comes from the Takeaki Kinoko Kunimoto History Vol.5: Katoken album. The song title on the CD is in Japanese, スタッフロール (Sutaffu Rōru), which translates to Staff Roll.


The song is in the key of C major, plays in the 4/4 time signature at a tempo of approximately 75 beats per minute.

The song starts out with an electric piano lead with its accompaniment. This plays four eight bars, and repeats again, only this time with a hi-hat playing every eighth note and a drum fill at the end. The lead electric piano plays a slow solo four another eight bars, with the bassline switching from electric piano to electric bass. The solo ends, interestingly, on an A+/B chord. The song then adds a couple bars going from a D minor to a Gsus7 and G7. The song then loops from the beginning where the hi-hat begins playing in eighth notes. However, this time, the first eight bars here are played twice and with a different instrument. Then, the rest of the song plays the same but with another different instrument in the lead. The song then loops from the aforementioned loop point.