Spy Hunter (PCB)

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Spy Hunter
Spy Hunter - PCB - USA.jpg
Platform: PC Boot Loader
Year: 1984
Developer: Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc., Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
For other games in the series see Spy Hunter.

Spy Hunter is a driving game where you play the role of a super spy who is evading a host of vile bad guys set on ending your life. It's essentially a game about a James Bond chase scene. While the original arcade game and the NES port are decent games, the 1984 PC boot loader pales in comparison.


Spy Hunter - PCB - Title.png

The title screen.

Spy Hunter - PCB - Deploying.png

Why don't I just stay inside of the invincible truck?

Spy Hunter - PCB - Shooting.png

Shooting the blue thing with white dots.

Spy Hunter - PCB - Bullies.png

Bumping tires with the Bulletproof Bullies.

Spy Hunter - PCB - Driving.png

In this twisted universe, the water is pink and the land is blue!

Spy Hunter - PCB - Boat.png

Life's even tougher on the boat.


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Spy Hunter - PCB - Album Art.jpg

The game uses the standard Peter Gunn Theme, played forth in all the fidelity the PC Speaker can offer without of using PCM.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Spy Hunter Theme Henry ManciniUnknown 0:25


(Source: Game lacks credits)

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Source verification is needed.


Game Rip

No rip yet exists, the recording was made during game play.

Audio Devices


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Icon - PC Speaker.png


  USA.svg   USA
Spy Hunter - PCB - USA.jpg
Title: Spy Hunter
Platform: PC Boot Loader
Released: 1984-??-??
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.


Spy Hunter
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Notable Songs Peter Gunn Theme
Notable Personnel Henry Mancini
Notable Companies Midway Games