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Splitz - GB - Europe.jpg
Platform: Game Boy
Year: 1993
Developer: Enigma Variations
For other games in the series, see Split Personalities.

Splitz is a sliding puzzle game, and is a Game Boy conversion of the game Split Personalities. The Game Boy version was developed by British software house Enigma Variations, courtesy of Richard Naylor.

The game takes place on a 5x5 grid. You must put the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order to win the round. To start, you put your cursor on the top-left square and press A to dish out puzzle pieces. Sometimes it will dish out what the manual calls Bonus Blocks. There are also doors on all 4 sides, which will dispose of any puzzle pieces or items. When a puzzle piece is highlighted, the square on the top-left corner will indicate where in the puzzle that piece goes. All of the puzzles are of famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, and Elvis Presley.

Some of these Bonus Blocks include a bomb, which must be disposed of before it explodes or the player loses one of their three lives. There is also a petrol can and match block, which if they come into contact with each other, you also lose a life. If a Pistol and a Bullet block contact each other, the player will accumulate more time to solve the puzzle. Two diamond blocks coming in contact with each other yields double the points values. There are also bonus levels every three levels that you complete. Additionally, some of the walls have cracks in them, which if a block touches it from the opposite side, it will be sent back.

The game does not have any kind of save feature, so if you lose all three lives, you will have to start from the beginning.


Splitz - GB - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Splitz - GB - Gameplay 1.png

There are various powerups on these levels.

Splitz - GB - Gameplay 2.png

Putting together a puzzle of Abraham Lincoln.

Splitz - GB - Stage Clear.png

Clearing the stage.

Splitz - GB - Gameplay 3.png

A preview of what the second level is supposed to look like.

Splitz - GB - Game Over.png

Game Over.


Splitz borrows its soundtrack from Split Personalities, albeit heavily arranged. These songs were written by the legendary composer David Whittaker, who coded the music in Z80 assembly into his sound driver. The main theme plays a lot slower than the Commodore 64 original, and has also been shortened.

The title music sounds similar to Michael Jackson's Bad. The arpeggios are also missing from the Commodore 64 version.

The song previously titled Unknown plays shortly after the first Stage Clear jingle.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen David Whittaker 1:36
02 Press Start David Whittaker 0:03
03 Lost Life David Whittaker 0:02
04 Game Over David Whittaker 0:08
05 Stage Clear 1 David Whittaker 0:05
06 Stage Clear 2 David Whittaker 0:01


(Sources: C64 version, interview with David Whittaker; game lacks credits.)

The game only credits Richard Naylor for programming. However, not only does the original game credit Whittaker for music, but David also confirmed in an interview specifically working on the Game Boy version.

Game Rip




Audio Devices

The game uses the DMG-CPU B of the Game Boy. It uses David Whittaker's sound driver.


  UK.svg   UK
Splitz - GB - Europe.jpg
Title: Splitz
Platform: GB
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Imagineer
  Japan.svg   Japan
Splitz - GB - Japan.jpg
Title: スプリッツ 似顔絵15ゲーム (Splitz: 15-Caraciature Game)
Platform: GB
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Imagineer