The Sound Source

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The Sound Source
Sound Source, The.jpg
Developer: Covox, Inc.
Released: 1991-??-??
Type: External Device
Slot: Parallel port
Icon - The Sound Source.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.pngPlatform - W16.png

The Sound Source is essentially a Covox Speech Thing OEMed to Disney. Like the Speech Thing, the device plugged into a computer's parallel port, but unlike the Speech Thing, The Sound Source included a speaker with volume control and a headphone jack. The marketing power of Disney successfully sold a decent number of units, and got it featured as an audio device in a number of games. The DAC had a couple of additions to improve the sound, but this made it incompatible with earlier Covox equipment.

While the exact release date is unknown, based on game support, it appears The Sound Source was released around 1991. None of the Walt Disney Computer Software games published in 1990 support The Sound Source, but several of them in 1991 support the device. While some games prior to 1991 support the device, this support appears to be in the addition of later upgrades to the game.



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Emulation Status

The Sound Source has been emulated in DOSBox.