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Sonix - AMI - Gameplay 1.png
Creator Aegis Development
Released 1987-??-??
Platform Amiga

Sonix is a music sequencer for Amiga created by Mark Riley. The software includes a score, keyboard, and instrument editor. You use the program by plotting musical notes on a staff roll and playing it back. In addition, there are four sliders on the main screen that can alter the song's volume, tempo, transposition, and pitch.

The program uses two kinds of files; SMUS.* files which contain the music information and instr.* files which contain the instrument information. The files are a Electronic Arts standardized format. Almost no software used the SMUS. format.

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The following composers used Sonix:


Version Download Platform
1.4 Download - (info) Amiga


When Bethesda Softworks was developing NES games, they used Sonix to create music for their NES games.