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Sky-Fighter - AST - UK.jpg
Platform: Atari ST
Year: 1987
Developer: Rainbow Arts Software GmbH

Sky-Fighter (spelled with hyphen in-game and without in logos) is a cross between Xevious, Scramble and Touch Me.

On your way through 9 missions, you come across enemies, their shots, and up to 6 airbases with a stationary enemy. At the end of each mission, you should remember the airbases (like in Touch Me), as that will stock you up with 40 bombs, 9 hits to go, and thousands of points. If you don't, you still have 20 bombs, but better use them sparingly, as many ground targets either shoot at you or provide fuel (like in Scramble). You also have one torpedo to save until last. If you are shot 9 times, collide with an UFO or run out of fuel, the game instantly ends.

The game is very average, if not substandard in light of Goldrunner (AST). While the first missions let you warm up, difficulty and variety build up too slowly. It is more notable for being the Blue Byte co-founder's break into the video game industry, and for Chris Hülsbeck's first digital video game song.


Sky-Fighter - AST - Title.png

The title screen. Wait for 42.

Sky-Fighter - AST - Preferences.png

Joystick or mouse, one player or two.

Sky-Fighter - AST - Start.png

Early mission, rather dull.

Sky-Fighter - AST - Bonus.png

Game of Touch Me.

Sky-Fighter - AST - Theme.png

Later mission, rather full.

Sky-Fighter - AST - Hall of Fame.png

The charts! Press key to save!


The only music plays to the title screen. While it plays, you cannot press a key.

The sound effects are normal square waves, white noises, and really unhelpful. You can actually hear your ship speed up or slow down and your bombs hit water, but to know when you are shot, low on fuel, or whether your bomb hit a target or plain ground, you have to watch the status bar.


The song was recorded from the title screen in Hatari v2.2.1.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Chris HülsbeckUnknown 0:42



Game Rip






Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in YM2149F chip.


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Sky-Fighter - AST - UK.jpg
Title: Sky-Fighter
Platform: Atari ST
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Anco Software Ltd.


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Notable Songs Title - Sky-Fighter
Notable Personnel Chris Hülsbeck
Notable Companies Rainbow Arts