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Simple DirectMusic Player (SDMP) is a small program developed by Russell Hicks, intended to play all three sound formats supported by the Microsoft DirectX 8 Audio interface: DirectMusic runtime segments (SGT), MIDI files and wave files (WAV).

By default, SDMP will make use of gm.dls, the default Microsoft Synthesizer (Roland Sound Canvas) included with Windows and DirectX, but any downloadable sound package (DLS) file can be loaded via the menu.

At the outset, SDMP will make use of 16 sound channels for SGT/MIDI playback but the interface allows for increasing and decreasing the number of sound channels by increments of 16.

SDMP also supports playback of sound files in each of three different audiopaths: stereo & reverb, stereo only (no reverb), and 3D monaural. For 3D monaural playback, SDMP also allows the user to position the sound anywhere within 3D space.

SDMP's system requirements are low:

Windows 95 or later
DirectX 8 or later
Visual Basic 6 runtime (the full installer includes this)

SDMP can be downloaded from here:

At this time of editing, 1.6.1 is the current version.