Shigeaki Irie

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Shigeaki Irie
Local 入江 茂明 (いりえ しげあき)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Shigeaki Irie is a Japanese musician. He was usually credited as an audio producer or director.


Released Title Sample Notes
1994-07-22 Super Bonk (SNES) (超原人) Sound Director
1994-09-27 Lupin III: Densetsu no Hihou o Oe! (SFC) (ルパン三世 伝説の秘宝を追え!) Sound Design with Takashi Kutsukake and Shigetoshi Sugiyama.
1995-07-28 Kabuki Klash (NG) (天外魔境真伝) Sound Director
1995-09-15 St Andrews: Eikou to Rekishi no Old Course (SFC) (セント・アンドリュース 〜栄光と歴史のオールドコース〜) Sound Director
1995-11-03 Ninku Gaiden: Hiroyuki Daikatsugeki (GG) (忍苦外伝 ヒロユキ大活劇) Sound Director with Tatsuyuki Maeda.
1997-01-17 Money Puzzle Exchanger (ARC) Sound Director
1997-02-14 Sonic & Knuckles Collection (W16) Sound Arrangers
1997-08-08 Phantasm (SAT) (ファンタズム) Sound Director
1998-11-19 R-Type Delta (PS1) (アール・タイプ デルタ) Sound Producer
1998-12-24 Bomberman Quest (GBC) (ボンバーマンクエスト) Sound Engineer
2002-04-25 Disaster Report (PS2) (絶対絶命都市) Sound Director
2006-01-19 Rule of Rose (PS2) (ルール オブ ローズ) Sound Design