Sergeant Slotte (DOS)

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Sergeant Slotte - Galaxy Janitor
Platform: DOS
Year: 1995
Developer: CSW Group

Sergeant Slotte - Galaxy Janitor is a shoot'em up. Mankind thinks they have found the solution to their garbage problem: To shoot the garbage into space. Unbeknownst to them, it lands on an inhabited planet. Annoyed, the aliens head to earth in a big spaceship to return the garbage. Soon, the first items are sighted near orbit. Only you, Sergeant Slotte, can stop them.

This shoot'em up has a twist where mindless blasting holds you back. Some of the items are recyclable and ramming them with your jet awards the most points. Ramming anything still damages your shield. The shield regenerates soon, but when it's out of order, the jet itself is damaged instead. Both regenerate at the end of level, but then only as long as your score pays.


Sergeant Slotte - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Sergeant Slotte - DOS - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Sergeant Slotte - DOS - Start.png

Just another shooter? Look at the enemies and your score!

Sergeant Slotte - DOS - End of Level.png

Not again! Level completed before my shield regenerated for free...

Sergeant Slotte - DOS - Garbage Men.png

Unfair actually, aren't we the perpetrators?

Sergeant Slotte - DOS - Pirate.png

No brains, but beware!


Throughout the entire program, the same song plays: A heroic and adventurous science fiction piece featuring the speech "Are you ready?".

The title comes from the MOD file. Despite the capabilities of the format (although not the used driver), the song is entirely in mono.


The song was recorded from the original game running on a Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Mad Slotter... Vladimir Kononenko 6:31



Game Rip



MOD.png WAV.png



The filenames and files were extracted from SLOTTE.DAT using a custom tool.

The signature had to be changed from "CSM4" to "M.K." and a speed effect added to play accurately in a standard MOD player.

Audio Devices


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster Pro.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster Pro.png


The PC Speaker driver outputs digital sound rather than the usual beeps.


  Germany.svg   Germany
Title: Tchibo Software Spiele
Platform: DOS
Released: 1995-??-??
Publisher: bhv Verlags GmbH