Sente Mini Golf (ARC)

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Sente Mini Golf
Sente Mini Golf - ARC.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1985
Developer: Bally Sente

Sente Mini Golf is a miniature golf course for 4 video arcade gamers. It follows the standard of having 18 holes, each with their own par (number of strokes (hits to the ball) really necessary to complete the hole).

Additionally in this arcade game, every hole starts with a bonus. After every round, it decreases by 500 points. When it reaches zero, or all players hit their ball into the hole, everyone goes to the next hole.

Also, in the beginning, every player has only 2 holes, meaning that after hole 3, it's game over for them. The less strokes you need below par, the more holes you win and can play. A row of flags below the bonus shows how many holes you would win upon completion.


Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Title.png

Pay up everyone!

Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Hole 1.png

Start from which tee?

Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Hole 2.png

You better get hard hits.

Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Miss.png

What can go wrong...

Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Hole 5.png

Can the cabinet give shocks?

Sente Mini Golf - ARC - Hall of Fame.png

35 seconds per player.


The game has two themes which are distributed irregularly over 15 holes. Two holes have their own song, and one hole has ambient noise. The background track is occasionally paused by longer sound effects, particularly hole-in-one applause and tunnels.


To record, the RAM of MAME 0.228 was edited to allow two loops plus 10 seconds of every song during attract mode, where sound effects never play.

The following recordings are inaccurate compared to the real cabinet.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Theme 1 Jesse Osborne 2:18
02 Theme 2 Jesse Osborne 2:45
03 Hole 5 Jesse Osborne 1:47
04 Hole 18 Jesse Osborne 0:31
05 Hole 18 Completed Jesse Osborne 0:04


(Source: Attract mode.)

Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.


The music driver (in 6509 machine code) is in 1a-ver2, the notes are in ab01.u8a, and the instrument driver (in Z80 machine code) and instruments in 8002-10 9-25-84.5.

Audio Devices

The cabinet has 6 CEM3394 analog synthesizer chips and a DIP switch that allows arcade operators to determine whether music plays during attract mode.


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Sente Mini Golf - ARC.jpg
Title: Sente Mini Golf
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1985-0?-??
Publisher: Bally Sente


Sente Mini Golf
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Notable Personnel Jesse Osborne
Notable Companies Bally Sente