Sea Shanty

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Sea Shanty
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Ultima 7 - DOS - Sea Shanty.png
Composer Kirk Winterrowd
Arranger Dana Glover
Programmer Herman Miller
Released 1992-04-16
Length 0:29.80
BPM 100
Format MIDI.png
Game Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Sea Shanty is an up-beat salty tune which plays when you first sail a ship. It also plays in areas related to ships, like at the various shipwrights of Britannia and some taverns like The Salty Dog tavern and the Bunk and Stool.

This song is track 21 in the game's data files. Strangely, the internal MIDI file has a length of about 4 minutes, but everything after the first 30 seconds of music quiet.

Ultima 7 - DOS - Ship Travel.png