Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no Ougon (PCE)

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Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no Ougon
Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Japan.jpg
Platform: TurboGrafx-16
Year: 1988
Developer: Sofix

Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no Ougon is an adventure game developed by Sofix Corporation and published by Hudson Soft. The same team released a similar game a year later for the Famicom, Seirei Gari (FC).

The game is a parody of the James Bond series. It was written by Ryu Togo, and the character design was by Koichiro Yasunaga. In the game, the player takes the role of Sadakichi Seven (his real name is Tomokazu Yasui). He is commissioned by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce to stop the evil organization NATTO. The name NATTO is a reference to two things; Japanese fermented soy beans, as well as the real-life North American Treaty Organization.

The game plays identical to Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES), and is also similar in gameplay to Deja Vu, Shadowgate, and Uninvited. The game's screen is split up into three sections; the top-left box is the first-person perspective of Sadakichi Seven, the top-right box is a list of commands to choose from, and the box that uses the lower half of the screen is the game text, which both describes you and other people's actions when taken, as well as dialogue. The game is broken up into eight chapters (the manual explains this was done to be like a novel), as well as a password system that allows you to start from the beginning of each chapter. Because the game takes place mostly in Osaka, the Osakan dialect can be found in many parts of the game, even including some of the actions listed. The game's manual defines some of these terms.

The game was never translated into English, so a thorough knowledge of Japanese is required to play the game, or at least understand what's going on.


Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Sadakichi 007.png

The title screen.

Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Osaka Chamber of Commerce.png

At the Osaka Chamber of Commerce.

Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Main Theme (Day).png

Walking around the city during the daytime.

Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Incident.png

Uh oh!

Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Enemy 1.png

Fighting an enemy.

Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Game Over.png

Game Over.


Sadakichi Seven's music was composed by Daisuke Inoue, who had already worked on a few Hudson Soft games at the time. Because the game is a parody of the James Bond series, many of the songs pay homage to it, or include the jazzy anthems that would be found in the movie. For instance, the title screen music follows the same chord structure as the James Bond theme (Em, C/E Em6, C/E), but a later part of the song inserts traditional elements heard in Japanese music. In addition, the game had one of the largest soundtracks of its time for the PC Engine, spanning 22 songs. The ending music even fades out on its own.

The song names are taken from the Zophar's Domain HES rip, which appears to be based on the where the songs are heard in the game.

To compose the music, Daisuke wrote MIDI files in Performer for the Macintosh. He gave his MIDI files to the company. Toshiaki Takimoto was most likely the one who implemented his music into Takayuki Iwabuchi's sound driver.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Sadakichi 007 Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:56
02 Code Input Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:17
03 Osaka Chamber of Commerce Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 2:08
04 Main Theme (Day) Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:51
05 Coffee House Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:53
06 Billiken Leading Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:04
07 Tokyo Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 2:10
08 Disco Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:17
09 Incident Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:02
10 Enemy Search Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:02
11 Enemy Appearance Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:04
12 Enemy 1 Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:48
13 Enemy 2 Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:21
14 Warship March Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:03
15 Azuma 002 (Part 1) Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:29
16 Azuma 002 (Part 2) Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 2:16
17 Main Theme (Night) Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 2:04
18 Last Chapter Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 1:29
19 Submarine Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:09
20 Game Over 1 Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:16
21 Game Over 2 Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 0:14
22 Ending Daisuke InoueToshiaki Takimoto 2:37



The game's credits are displayed after completing the game. Daisuke Inoue's name is preceded by the text Come over from North island, and this was the first PC Engine game to give credit to Inoue. Based on other game credits from games that use the same version of Iwabuchi's sound driver, Toshiaki Takimoto was most likely the arranger. These games include Break In (PCE), The Legendary Axe, and Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE).

Game Rip



HES.png VGM.png

Ripping TurboGrafx-16 music is an arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site. The music was recorded using in_vgm for Winamp.

Audio Devices

The game uses the TurboGrafx-16's HuC6280. It uses Takayuki Iwabuchi's sound driver.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Sadakichi Seven - PCE - Japan.jpg
Title: 定吉七番 秀吉の黄金 (Sadakichi Seven: The Gold of Hideyoshi)
Platform: PC Engine
Released: 1989-05-25
Publisher: Hudson Soft