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Player - SNESamp.png
Creator Alpha-II
Released 2008-03-28
Platform Winamp

SNESamp is a Winamp plugin that plays Super NES music ripped to SPC format and SPC archives in RSN format. It can also play ZST memory dumps.


  • Uses the open source SNESAPU emulation library.
  • 8-192 kHz sampling rate.
  • 8,16,24,32-bit samples.
  • Linear, cubic, sinc, and Gaussian interpolation.
  • Stereo controls - L/R separation, feedback crosstalk, phase invert.
  • Two mixing routines - Integer and floating-point.
  • Presets for hardware compatibility and quality.
  • ID666 tag editor.
  • Separate control dialog for adjusting playback settings in real-time.


  • In the extended tab, zero-second intros are replaced with 25 second intros when you save making it impossible to setup proper timing for looped songs.
  • Seconds in the extended tab are rounded to the nearest hundredth, which isn't precise enough for accurate timing.
  • Songs with fade outs are appended with 2 seconds of extra silence.
  • Turns off extended timing if you don't fill loop or end times.


Version Download Platform
3.34 Download - (info) Winamp