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Player - SID to MIDI.png
Creator Michael Schwendt
Released 1995
Platform Windows

SID to MIDI is a Windows command line program that converts SID files into MIDI files. The program supports a large array of arguments for customizing the quality and length of the output and does a pretty impressive job.

A later version was released with a proper windows front end and unrestricted options: SID to MIDI (Windows).

The supported arguments for version 0.17.7 include:

Argument Description
-h Displays help.
-hm Displays help for MIDI options.
-ht Displays extra text-mode help options.
-v Verbose output.
-a Fix PlaySID-specific songs (registered version only).
-o<num> Song number (default: preset).
-n The Commodore 64 clock speed (registered version only).
-cwd Create output file in current working directory (registered version only).
-ps Pitch bend sensitivity (default: 96 semitones).
-bpm<num> Tempo beats per minute (default: 100.0).
-ppq<num> Timebase in pulses per quarter (default: 120.0).
-t<num> Time in seconds to run song (default: 120) (registered version only).
-env Optimize note lengths by envelope emulation (registered version only).
-if[num] Inhibit sustaining frequency changes (registered version only).
-noise<num> Noise mapping level (default: 0).
-sam<num> Capture sample events on channel [0..15] (registered version only).
-p2n[num] Map [max. X] pitch changes to note events (default: all).
-pt<num> Pitch to note threshold (default: 1 semitone) (registered version only).
-sc<num> Scale Song Speed (default: 1.0).
-m<num> Mute SID voice(s) (default: none).
-2txt Generates a text file (default: midi file).
-cake Uses SMPTE time format (Cakewalk) (text mode only).
-eng Uses English notation (text mode only).
-ifdisp Inhibit frequency display column (text mode only).
-an Always show notes.


Version Download Platform Notes
0.17.7 Download - (info) Windows Shareware