Rolling Thunder

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Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Logo.png
Local ローリングサンダー
Founded 1986-??-??

Rolling Thunder (ローリングサンダー Rōringu Sandā) is a series of 3 games by Namco. The game is inspired by the James Bond series of films. In the game, the player takes control of Agent Albatross, who must save Leila from the clutches of an evil alien Maboo and his organization Geldra.

Agent Albatross is allowed only two hits. While his pistol can run out of ammo, all it means is that the gun will fire a lot slower. He can also find an SMG with limited ammo and other upgrades by going into doors in the background. He can also jump up to a higher platform and jump down. Each time a level is completed, a cutscene is shown on a monitor in a control room showing what is happening to Leila.

The game was ported to several home computers in the western regions by Tiertex Design Studios. However, most of these ports received heavily negative reviews for the sloppy gameplay mechanics. The game also made it to the NES thanks to Arc System Works, which received mixed reviews, but was more faithful to the arcade game in terms of gameplay, controls, and sound. Capcom made a copy of Rolling Thunder called Code Name: Viper (NES). It uses all the same mechanics (two hits, pistol and SMG for weapons only, jump to higher and lower platforms, etc.) but changes the story, graphics, and music.

A third game in the series was developed by Now Production, and only saw release for the Sega Genesis.


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