Rockstar Leeds

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Rockstar Leeds
Founded ca. 1989
Headquarters UK
Other Names Twilight
Hookstone Ltd.
Möbius Entertainment

Rockstar Leeds Limited (formerly Möbius Entertainment Limited, Hookstone and Twilight) is a British video game developer and a studio of Rockstar Games based in Leeds. The company was founded in 1989 as Twilight by Andrew Swann, Peter Tattersall, Jason McGann, Stuart Cook, Mark Mason, Finlay Munro, Dave Box, Wayne Billingham, Mark Barker, Noel Hines, James Smart and Rob Holman, before being renamed in 1994 as Hookstone, and it was renamed in December 1997 as Möbius Entertainment, while finishing Sentinel Returns, by Gordon Hall, Jason McGann, Dave Box and Ian J. Bowden.

The company, when it was Twilight, known for creating the Alfred Chicken series, when it was Hookstone, developing Zoop, and when it was Mobius, developed numerous titles for Game Boy Advance, including an adaptation of Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne (2001), which was published by Rockstar Games in late 2003. In late 2003, Spellbound Interactive was merged into Mobius. In April 2004, Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, announced that they had acquired Möbius Entertainment. As part of the agreement, the company became part of the Rockstar Games label, and was renamed Rockstar Leeds.


Music Development


David Whittaker was hired to compose the music when he was making Alfred Chicken (NES), when using the name Twilight.


David Whittaker was selectly hired to compose the music for the games when the company was at Twilight. For Zoop (GB), Eric Swanson was hired to compose the music. Some games used Martin Walker's sound driver.


For High Heat Major League Baseball 2002, Allister Brimble used QuickThunder sound driver by Michael Delaney.


For his GBA titles, Bart Roijmans from Engine Software and Tom Kingsley used sound driver by Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans.

Audio Personnel