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Robert Balfour Hartshorne
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Born 1956-06-10
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Nationality British   UK.svg

Robert Hartshorne is a British media composer. While little known in computer music himself, his contributions to the Commodore 64 games Wizardry, Gyroscope, Fairlight and Space Doubt remain classics.

When Hartshorne was about 13 or 14, his mother put him down for piano lessons. His first ever bought record was by The Monkees. From 1975 to 1978, he studied at the University of Liverpool, barely earning a degree in chemistry. All the while, he played in school and university bands, including the guitar. For a few more years, he worked as a personnel officer at an oil company before composing full-time.

Chiefly in 1985 and 1986, Graham Jarvis and he ran Alphingwood Limited, later renamed to Clever Music Limited, producing radio and TV advertisement jingles and temporarily video game soundtracks, targeting small-to-midsize and tendentially regional companies.

Since around the turn of millennium, Hartshorne runs the music company Ex Cantibus Gaudium Limited. His son Peter, a flight instructor, has also composed upon his father's encouragement. Both became well-known for many TV seasons and specials of the children's series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.

Music Development

See Clever Music.


See Clever Music.

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