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Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Founded 1936-02-06
Headquarters Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Other Names Riken Sensitized Paper

Ricoh Company, Ltd. (株式会社リコー Kabushikigaisha Riko) is a multi-national electronics company from Japan. While Ricoh doesn't make music or video games, it has produced several microchips used by computer and video game console manufacturers to produce music and sound effects.

Ricoh worked with Nintendo from the early to mid-1980s and produced the primary CPU, video, and audio capabilities for the Famicom, Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom Disk System, Vs. System, and PlayChoice-10. Near the end of 1980s, Ricoh produced a specialized audio chip used by Fujitsu for the FM Towns computer and Sega for their arcade boards.


Sound Devices



Popular Devices

1983-??-?? RP2A03 Famicom, Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC), Vs. System, and PlayChoice-10
198?-??-?? RP2A07 Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL)
1986-??-?? RP2C33 Famicom Disk System
19??-??-?? RF5C68 FM Towns, System 18, System 32
 ????-??-?? RF5C154  ?
 ????-??-?? RF5C164 Sega CD

Audio Personnel

The engineers who designed the audio chips should be listed here.