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Richard C. Leinecker
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Rick Leinecker is an American programmer, musician and former computer game designer.

Most of his career has been spent in North Carolina and Florida. From 1975 to 1985, he studied applied music, but since 1984, he works in software instead. His first such job was at IntraCorp and its subsidiaries. Since the company did not originally house audio staff, Leinecker took the responsibility of creating music and sound effects to the games he worked on.

From 1994 to 2004, he has been a musical director in theatre. Since 2014, he gives lectures on computer science.

Audio Development

Commodore 64

Leinecker used Sidplayer Editor.


Rick said he most likely wrote the music on an Atari ST using a piece of software, probably for Roland or Sound Blaster.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-0?-?? Murder on the Atlantic NTSC (C64)
1988-??-?? Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation (DOS)
1989-??-?? Miami Vice (AST)
1989-??-?? Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation (AST)
1989-12-?? Miami Vice (DOS)
1990-??-?? The Cardinal of the Kremlin (DOS)
1993-??-?? Trump Castle 3 (DOS)
1994-??-?? Expert Chess (W16)
1995-??-?? Chess Kids (W16)

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