Rdos AdLib Catcher

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Rdos AdLib Catcher
Rdos AdLib Catcher.png
Creator Roman Dolejší
Released 1996-12-31
Platform DOS
Website sorry.vse.cz/~roman/dimension/rdos/rac/

Rdos AdLib Catcher is a TSR (terminate and stay resident) program which features the very first method of capturing OPL data from a running game. It uses 386 protected mode to intercept writes to the AdLib I/O port and save the data to a file in RAW (Rdos) format.

As it ran on real hardware, it suffered from a number of drawbacks:

  • Games could not use protected mode, meaning many could not have their music captured at all (e.g. Zone 66 (DOS)).
  • Games would run very slowly due to the software overhead of the capture process.
  • Capture files were limited to fairly small sizes, so some games could not have full songs captured, especially if they wrote a lot of redundant data to the OPL chip (e.g. Stunts (DOS)).

The program accepts two optional parameters:

RAC.EXE [c] [s]
  • c - clear music buffer
  • s - save music buffer into file RACDATA.RAW in current directory


Version Download Platform Notes
0.01a Download - (info) DOS The only known version.