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Player - RdosPlay.png
Creator Roman Dolejší
Released 1996-08-27
Platform DOS
Website sorry.vse.cz/~roman/dimension/rdos/rdosplay/

RdosPlay, is an OPL2/OPL3 player that supports numerous audio formats that were popular in DOS games in the mid to late 1990s. It also emulates the AY-3-8910 and 6581 chips on the OPL2. The details of the program are located in the RdosPlay.txt file, but you can start it quickly by running Play.bat.

RdosPlay supports the following formats:

ADL (Westwood), AGD, AMD, AYM, CAL, D00, FXM, HSC, HSQ, LDS, LEM, MUS (Vivid Image), PMA (listed as PLX), PSG, RAD, RAW (Rdos), SAT, SDB, SID (outdated files only), SIG, VIB, YM

Many of the formats supported by RdosPlay are now available in the much-easier-to-use AdPlug plugin. This is especially good since the source of RdosPlay has been lost, and the developer has no desire to rewrite it. The R in RdosPlay stands for the program's creator Roman Dolejší.


Version Download Platform
0.21 Download - (info) DOS