Radiance Software

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Radiance Software
Radiance Software - 1.png
Founded 199x
Headquarters California, USA

Radiance Software was an American video game developer, who developed video games primarily for 8-bit consoles. The company was owned by Christopher Riggs.

They developed mostly a short amount of titles for the TurboGrafx-16, NES, and SNES.

Additionally, they collaborated with Designer Software on the Nintendo NES game Rollerblade Racer.


Music Development

For Rollerblade Racer and The Great Waldo Search, the company licensed RSP's sound driver by Mike Riedel. Doug Brandon, who composed the music to The Great Waldo Search games said he used Cubase for the Atari ST.

The unreleased California Raisins NES game uses a sound driver by Robert Morgan. The music had to be entered in 6502 assembly.

Audio Personnel