Race Schedule/Standings

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Race Schedule/Standings
Output - NES.svg
Days Of Thunder Mindscape - NES - Gameplay 1.png
Composer Chris Oberth, Lou Haehn
Arranger Unknown
Released Unreleased
Length 0:44
BPM 225
Format NSF.png
Game Days of Thunder: Mindscape (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Race Schedule/Standings is the song that plays at the Race Schedule/Standings screen, respectively. It plays at 225 BPM. Though the game credits Chris Oberth and Lou Haehn for music and sound, the song was most likely written by Chris.

Chris wrote the music in 6502 assembly macros using Nick Eastridge's NES sound driver.

Its internal name, according to the source code is STAND. It most likely stands for the Standings screen, in which it is used.


The song starts out with the noise channel playing a drum loop in its white noise mode. The triangle channel enters after four drum loops with a funky bassline. After one loop, the first square channel enters. After one loop of that, the second square channel enters. Because of the way the music is programmed, the second square channel continues to loop while the first square channel waits a couple drum loops before looping itself. The song plays in the key of G minor.

The music looping messes up about 7-8 minutes in.

The music is played approximately a quarter step (microtone) sharp.

Source Code


tracka2	db $34,$0,$8B,$8,$0,$B,$0,$D
	db $0,$D,$0,$D,$0,$D,$0,$D
	db $0,$10,$0,$14,$0,$12,$0,$10
	db $0,$D,$D,$0,$0,$0,$0,$0
	db $E3,$0,$32
dracka2	db $0,$40,$1,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8
	db $8,$8,$8,$4,$4,$4,$4,$4
	db $4,$10,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8
	db $8,$40,$18,$8,$40,$40,$40,$40
	db $1D,$8,$0
trackb2	db $34,$0,$8F,$14,$0,$12,$0,$10
	db $0,$10,$0,$10,$0,$10,$0,$10
	db $0,$12,$0,$8,$0,$B,$0,$D
	db $0,$D,$D,$0,$E3,$32
drackb2	db $0,$40,$1,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8
	db $8,$8,$8,$4,$4,$4,$4,$4
	db $4,$10,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8,$8
	db $8,$40,$18,$8,$19,$0
trackc2	db $34,$0,$87,$D,$0,$D,$0,$D
	db $0,$D,$0,$D,$0,$B,$0,$D
	db $0,$D,$0,$D,$0,$D,$0,$D
	db $0,$10,$0,$E3,$32
drackc2	db $0,$40,$1,$10,$8,$8,$8,$8
	db $8,$4,$4,$4,$C,$18,$18,$10
	db $8,$8,$8,$8,$8,$4,$4,$4
	db $C,$18,$18,$18,$0
trackd2	db $34,$2,$0,$0,$4,$0,$0,$2
	db $0,$3,$0,$4,$0,$6,$0,$A
	db $0,$32
drackd2	db $4,$4,$C,$10,$4,$C,$10,$4
	db $C,$4,$4,$4,$4,$4,$C,$4
	db $C,$0

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