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Reznor was formed in 1989 shortly after Chuck Nin met Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for the first time. there were words exchanged something about stealing names who will show who. What followed was chucks realization that Trent had made the best album the world had ever seen (pretty hate machine). Chuck decided resistance was futile and became a computer engineer. While in collage he released the album +NPV with his lifelong friend John Singletary.

The album had minor success overseas, and since has become a you tube sensation. Trent after having heard +NPV decide there was no competition and just phoned in the next three albums.

A minor scandal erupted in 2006 when Knarles Barkley plagiarized the REZnor rodent logo for the gone daddy gone video. They had changed it to a flea but the color schema and guitar were unmistakable. When director Chris milk was approached he claimed complete denial of any impropriety, however when the videos original animatic was revealed to have a brown flea and a Stratocaster guitar, the narrative changed to accident oversight.