Player Touroku - Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)

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Player Touroku
Composer Takeaki Kunimoto
Released 1985-12-15
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Player Touroku is a song by Takeaki Kunimoto and used in the game Yuuyuu Jinsei for the PC Engine.

Takeaki wrote the music in FM Music Composer II on his Yamaha CX-7 MSX2. He sent his compositions via demo tapes to Hudson Soft, where Toshiaki Takimoto implemented it into the game's audio driver by Takayuki Iwabuchi.

The song's title comes from Kinoko Kunimoto Takeaki History Vol.5: Katoken. Its title, プレイヤー登録 translates to Player Registration.


The song is in the 4/4 time signature with a shuffle beat, is in the key of C major, and plays at approximately 201 beats per minute.

The song starts out with a lead part that harmonizes with a 3rd below. The whole song is accompanied by a walking bassline and jazzy drum rhythm. The chords during the first half are as follows:

C - Dm - G - C - Am - Dm - G - G+

This pattern repeats again, except the augmented G chord is changed to a C. The song then shifts to the second half of the song. This part uses an identical bassline, though a few notes are changed, and most of the drums consist only of the kick drum. The lead instrument changes to a few pianos harmonizing with each other. The chords during the second half are identical to the first, except the A minor chord is changed to A major instead; the bassline emphasizes this by playing a C# during part of the chord, instead of the C natural from the first half of the song. At the last bar, all but the piano stops, and is accompanied by a few echoes. The song then returns to the beginning.


Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)

Platform - PCE.png
Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)
Output - Hudson.svg
Yuuyuu Jinsei - PCE - Player Touroku.png
Arranger Toshiaki Takimoto
Programmer Takayuki Iwabuchi
Released 1988-04-22
Length 1:26
BPM 201
Format HES, VGZ

The song plays at the player registration screen, hence the name.