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Play SND
Player - Play SND.png
Creator John A. Ball
Released 1996-12-08
Platform DOS

Play SND is a digital audio player that can play various formats through the Tandy DAC.

Other features include the ability to convert the supported audio formats into some others, a command line interface, and random playlists.

The program is a little buggy, but the source code for Microsoft Quick C 2.51 with Assembler is included.

Format Play and convert from Convert to
AU Limited No
IFF Yes No
RAW (8-bit signed) Stand-alone and from MOD 8000 Hz, command line only
SND (Macintosh) Limited No
SND (Tandy) Yes Yes
STEVE audio files Yes No
VOC Yes Command line only
WAV Yes Yes


Version Download Platform
2.54 Download - (info) DOS