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Pixel is a Japanese game developer. The company has both developed original titles, as well as ported games to other consoles. The name of the company most likely refers to the dots used to make 8-bit graphics. The company has developed primarily for 8 and 16 bit consoles such as the NES, Game Boy, TurboGrafx-16, MSX, and SNES. Most of their games were released in Japan.

The company also developed a title for the Famicom Disk System titled Topple Zip. This game, as well as X-Men for NES share identical sound effects, so it is believed Pixel developed the latter title.

Music Development


Masaharu programmed a sound driver in 6502 assembly language, which the game's music was written in. Iwata primarily composed his own music with the driver, but Tomohisa Mitsuyasu from the band J-Walk is credited for composition in Conquest of the Crystal Palace, but it is unknown if Mitsuyasu used the sound engine, or if he sent his compositions to Iwata to arrange for his sound driver.

Audio Personnel