Peter Stone

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Peter Stone
Born ca. 1967
Birth Place Los Angeles, CA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Pete Stone, DJ Bat, Xorcist

Peter Stone is an American composer for various media. He started out by buying an Apple II computer. He discovered 6502 assembly language and was programming on his Apple II professionally in his teens. His first job in the industry was as a programmer for Datamost, Inc. while in high school. He talked to his counselor about it, who urged him to accept the job. Stone later worked for The Games Network and then The Software Toolworks where he started working on various computer games and soundtracks, mostly for Nintendo consoles. His first work was for a computer game called Beyond The Black Hole. He worked on The Miracle Piano Teaching System including the MIDI I/O portion for the NES console. This hardware/software combo taught younger children how to play the piano. Some of the games he worked on credited him with Nick Eastridge, Mindscape's sound programmer at the time, though Peter says that he never worked with Nick directly. According to Peter, Eastridge would convert his MIDI files to the consoles. Peter Stone was also the creator of Cyberden, a place where musicians alike could share their music over an FTP. Peter has also released many CDs and soundtracks under his band name Xorcist and can be found at his website

In addition to computer games, Peter’s work as an assistant sound designer (with Drew Neumann) can be heard in the MTV’s Aeon Flux series. He’s also scored various underground movies and his work as Xorcist has been used in various productions as well.

Music Development


Peter used a piece of software by Voyetra either on an Atari ST or MS-DOS.


Peter stone wrote .WAV files of his music and sent it to the game companies.


Peter composed his NES music in Dr. T's KCS for the Atari ST as MIDI files and would send them to the game publishers and Nick Eastridge (Eastridge Technology) who would convert his music to the NES. Peter said he would also write his music out as PC-speaker music to get a vague idea on how the music would sound on the NES.

The Chessmaster uses a driver by Mike Riedel.


Peter composed his music on an Ensoniq EPS, still using Dr. T's KCS on the Atari ST.


Released Title Sample
1989-??-?? Beyond the Black Hole (DOS)
1990-??-?? Life & Death II: The Brain (DOS)
1990-01-?? The Chessmaster (NES)
1990-10-?? Orb•3D (NES)
1991-09-?? Captain Planet and the Planeteers (NES)
1992-??-?? The Iron Helix (SCD)
1992-06-01 Tony La Russa Baseball (GEN)
1992-10-?? James Bond Jr. (SNES)
1993-??-?? Eagle Eye Mysteries (DOS) Sound Design
1993-??-?? The Iron Helix (MAC)
1993-??-?? The Iron Helix (W16)
1993-02-18 Wayne's World (GEN)
1993-04-?? Wayne's World (SNES)
1993-10-?? Ren and Stimpy Show: Veediots (SNES)
1993-11-?? The Terminator (SNES)
1996-??-?? Bad Mojo (MAC)
1996-02-29 Bad Mojo (W16)
1998-10-31 Space Bunnies Must Die! (W16)
2004-12-10 Bad Mojo: Redux (MAC)
2004-12-10 Bad Mojo: Redux (W32)
Unreleased Captain Planet and the Planeteers (SNES) Composer?