Peter Hajba

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Peter Hajba
Gender Male
Born 1974-12-15
Birth Place Turku, Finland
Nationality Finnish   Finland.svg
Aliases Skaven
Skaven 252

Peter Hajba is a Finnish electronic musician, video game composer and graphic artist. His most recent project is with Remedy Entertainment as an animator, sound designer and graphic artist. Prior to working with Remedy, Hajba has been credited on games developed by 3D Realms, PopCap Games, Introversion Software Limited, Epic Games and Housemarque.

Hajba was a member of the widely popular but now defunct demoscene group Future Crew, which produced some highly acclaimed demos during the 1990s. Despite having no formal training, he has won numerous awards for his music, including winning the Assembly music competition in 1993, 1995 and 2002.

Audio Development


Hajba used Scream Tracker 3, Impulse Tracker and ModPlug Tracker.

Game Boy Advance

On BookWorm, Hajba converted his MO3 files to Engine Software's sound driver by Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans.


Released Title Sample Notes
1999-11-30 Unreal Tournament (W32)
"Razorback // Unreal mix" track.
1999-??-?? GLTron (W32)
2000-10-21 Unreal Tournament (PS2) "Razorback // Unreal mix" track.
2001-03-13 Unreal Tournament (DC) "Razorback // Unreal mix" track.
2001-05-30 Bejeweled (W32)
2001-08-29 Alchemy (W32)
2001-10-01 Uplink (W32) (Uplink: Hacker Elite)
"Deep in her Eyes" track.
2001-10-16 Seven Seas (W32)
2002-01-25 Dynomite! (W32)
2002-06-05 Big Money! (W32)
2002-12-02 Bookworm (WMOB)
2002-??-?? Codename: Silver (W32)
2003-02-27 Bookworm (W32)
2003-12-12 Warblade (W32) Additional Music.
2003-06-10 Sweet Tooth To Go (W32)
Reused music from Bejeweled (W32).
2004-02-08 Hamsterball (W32)
2004-02-28 Bookworm (GBA)
2004-11-05 Bejeweled 2 (W32)
2005-05-12 Hap Hazard (W32)
2008-10-27 Bejeweled Twist (W32) With Philippe Charron.
2008-??-?? Bejeweled (TV) Original Music.
2009-02-07 Boonka (W32)
2009-11-20 Hoggy (IOS)
2010-01-18 Bejeweled Twist (NDS) Original Music.
2010-06-14 Bejeweled 2: Deluxe (WII) Original Music.
2010-12-07 Bejeweled 3 (W64) With Alexander Brandon.
2011-02-23 Bejeweled: Blitz Live (X360)
2011-11-15 Bejeweled 3 (NDS) Arranged by Allister Brimble.
2012-02-02 Furmins (IOS)
2013-10-16 Furmins (PSV)
2018-02-27 Space Tyrant (W64)
Unreleased Bejeweled (GBA)

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