Teeny Weeny Games

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Teeny Weeny Games
Teeny Weeny Games.png
Founded 1991
Closed 1999
Headquarters United Kingdom
Other Names
  • TWG
  • T.W. Games
  • Perfect 10 Productions
  • Beam Software (UK)
  • Perfect Entertainment

Teeny Weeny Games was the British division of the Australian game developer Beam Software and was founded by Angela Sutherland. Greg Holland, Nick Pelling and Paul Shirley were some of the main programmers and Paul Mitchell was one of the main artists. The company usually handled conversions from console games to other consoles or handhelds. Its first game was Choplifter 2 (GB). They rarely ever put staff credits in their games, and sometimes didn't even credit themselves, similar to Tose. The only hint of credits they would use occasionally is the developers first names or initials in the games' high scores. It is unknown why they didn't put credits in their games, but it was probably to prevent staff poaching. It was originally known as Beam Software (UK), then it was Perfect 10 Productions while developing Predator 2 (GEN), and the group founded Teeny Weeny Games as a subsidiary, before the subsidiary and the parent company was merged in 1996 as Perfect Entertainment, which was renamed in 1999 back to its Teeny Weeny Games names. Teeny Weeny Games is known for their game Discworld and the handheld versions of the Choplifter series.


Music Development


Teeny Weeny Games outsourced their audio to Beam Software in which Marshall Parker composed the music and Gavan Anderson created the sound effects using Beam's sound driver programmed by Brian Post. The only exception to this is Xenon 2, which was composed by the famous David Whittaker, in which David typed the music in assembly in his sound driver.


All of Teeny Weeny Games' Game Gear and Master System games were composed by Matt Furniss, who used a tracker on an Atari Mega ST computer programmed by Shaun Hollingworth.


Matt Furniss composed the music to most of TWG's Genesis games, as the company outsourced most of their Sega audio to Krisalis Software. He used a tracker programmed by Shaun Hollingworth. Wolverine: Adamantium Rage was composed by Jason Page and Rob Lord, using unique custom sound driver.


The only game Teeny Weeny Games developed for the NES was Last Action Hero (NES). The music was outsourced to Beam Software, in which Marshall Parker did the music and Gavan Anderson did the sound effects. Music was written in Music Macro Language using Brian Post's version of Beam's sound driver, NYNTH.


The unreleased Fido Dido was composed by Shahid Ahmad using his own driver at Bits Studios.

Audio Personnel