Perfect Ending

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Perfect Ending
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Composer Kevin Bales
Arranger Kevin Bales
Released 1984-??-??
Length 0:04.87
Format MML.png
Game Castle Adventure (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

The Perfect Ending jingle plays when you complete the game with a full score of 1550 which requires the collection of every treasure in the game, and the killing of every monster.

The song was programmed using the MML of GW-BASIC's PLAY command and extracted from the Castle.exe program. The song can be replayed with the following BASIC commands:

PLAY "MF T200 O2 L12 D G B O3 D4 O2 B4 G4 G A B O3 C O2 B A G A B O3 C4"
PLAY "MF T200 O2 L12 D F# A O3 C4 O2 A4 D4 F# G A B A G F# A F# G4"