Parker Brothers

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Parker Brothers
Parker Brothers.svg
Founded 1883
Closed 2013
Headquarters Beverly, Massachusetts

Parker Brothers' was an American toy manufacturer founded by George S. Parker in 1883. Their primary focus has been on boardgames, but they span a wide range of game and toy styles including electronic toys, card games, and of course, video games. From 1980-1994, Parker Brothers had a division that published video games.

The ownership of the company has jumped around a lot since Parker died. In 1968, the company was purchased by the food company General Mills. In 1985, General Mills merged the company with their subsidiary Kenner, forming Kenner Parker Toys, Inc. This was sold to Tonka in 1987, but Tonka was bought only a few years later by Hasbro in 1991. As of 2013, Hasbro still owns the Parker Brothers brand, but no longer uses the brand for any of its products.

When they published video games, they prohibited the use of game credits. Though some games got away with it (such as the Genesis version of Monopoly).


Music Development

Audio Personnel

Parker Brothers didn't have a development staff and instead hired outside companies to develop games that they would publish. As such, none of the people listed here in their audio staff actually worked for Parker Brothers directly, but their music is featured in their games.