Panoramic Software

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Panoramic Software
Founded 1993
Closed 1995
Headquarters New Jersey

Panoramic Software is an American game developer and consulting company started by John van Ryzin after he left Absolute Entertainment in 1993. It was shut down in 1995 due to poor sales. Unlike Absolute, most of the games they developed lack credits, because Panoramic is secretive about game credits, in a similar manner to TOSE. The only hint Panoramic used is the initials of the game's developers in the high score screen. The company only developed three titles: Steel Talons for SNES, Super Battletank for Game Boy and Game Gear, and Hellfire Zone for DOS.

Music Development


The sound was outsourced to Absolute Entertainment in which Mark Van Hecke wrote the music using Dr. T's KCS, which was converted to Alex DeMeo's sound driver.


The sound was outsourced to Eastridge Technology. Nick Eastridge wrote the music in MIDI files, while Scott Marshall did additional music.

Audio Personnel