PSM (Beta)

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ProTracker Studio Module (Beta)
PSM (Beta).png
Developer: Epic Megagames
Header: Custom
Content: Notational
Instruments: Internal
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis - No.png Output - PSG - No.png
Released: 1993-11-??
First Game: Epic Pinball (DOS)
  • *.psm

ProTracker Studio Module (PSM) Beta is a digital sample based music format created by Epic Megagames. It is very similar in style to S3M and MOD. When Epic finalized the format, they released it as PSM, which is so different in structure, it warrants a separate page.




Released Title Sample
1993-11-?? Epic Pinball (DOS) (Early versions)
1993-12-?? Silverball (DOS)

How to Obtain

PSM beta files are usually available among the game's data files.


All PSM (Beta) files begin with "PSMþ".