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Rainbow Arts - PC-Soundman - Front.jpg
Developer: Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Released: 1991-1?-??
Type: Sound Card
Slot: 8-bit ISA
Icon - PC-Soundman.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.png

PC-Soundman is a starter kit which Rainbow Arts sold for 249 DM in Germany, over 800 F in France, and likely other countries. The kit consisted of a sound card, headphone, 4-watt active speakers, FM-Driver (W16), Rock'n Roll (DOS), Logical (DOS), but no cable. The sound card is 100% compatible with the Ad Lib Music Synthesizer Card at port 388hex and the Speech Thing at port 22Fhex. It uses the same Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2) chip for FM synthesis and features a slightly more condensed circuit board.


The German manual of MadTV (DOS) recommends "a 'Rainbow Arts Soundman' PC plug-in card". Palladix scored that game and listed the PC-Soundman in all their setups from 1992 to 1993.

Emulation Status

DOSBox 0.74 emulates the later OPL3 out of the box, but users can switch to the OPL2. The DAC is not emulated, being at a rare port.

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