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SAA1099P - Bare.jpg
Developer: Philips
Released: 1984-??-??
Type: Chip

1.) Square Wave/Noise
2.) Square Wave/Noise
3.) Square Wave/Noise
4.) Square Wave/Noise
5.) Square Wave/Noise
6.) Square Wave/Noise

The SAA1099 is a PSG designed by Philips around 1984.


The chip has the following features:

  • Six 8-octave (256 tones per octave) tone generators
  • Six tone/noise mixers
  • Twelve amplitude controllers (2 per channel to give a stereo effect)
  • Two noise generators
  • Two envelope generators
  • Two 6-channel mixers (one for each output)


The following sound cards and computer systems utilized the SAA1099:

Release Company Device Notes
1987-03-?? Silicon Graphics IRIS Professional 4D Has an on-board SAA1099 for each computer in the series (50, 60, 70, 80, and 85).
1987-08-?? Creative Creative Music System Contains 2 SAA1099s.
1988-10-?? Silicon Graphics IRIS Power 4D Has an on-board SAA1099 for each computer in the series (1x0, 2x0, 3x0, and 4x0).
1988-??-?? Creative Game Blaster Contains 2 SAA1099s.
1989-??-?? Creative Sound Blaster Uses a YM3812, but has sockets for 2 SAA1099s for backward compatibility.
1989-??-?? Miles Gordon Technology SAM Coupé Has a single SAA1099 on the motherboard.

The Sound Blaster 1.5 and Sound Blaster 2 both have empty chip slots for adding two SAA1099 chips for backward compatibility.


The SAA1099 has also been used by in various arcade games and the System5 family.

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Document Download
Manual, 1984 Download - (info)
Manual, 1986 Download - (info)

Emulation Status

The SAA1099 has been emulated numerous times:

  • DOSBox - For Game Blaster emulation.
  • MAME - Necessary to emulate various games.
  • SimCoupé - A SAM Coupé emulator.
  • SAASound - An SAA1099 emulator.
  • SAAemu - An SAA1099 emulator.