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Famicom Disk System
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Developer: Nintendo
Released: 1986-02-21
Type: Chip

1.) Wavetable

The RP2C33 was the main chip which allowed the Famicom Disk System to output wavetable audio at 6-bit resolution. Wavetables on the FDS were only limited to 64 steps, which was twice as much as the well known Game Boy wavetables that came four years later. Few non-Nintendo games utilized the wavetable channel on the FDS, but some that did like Otocky (FDS) proved its capabilities, allowing for multiple sounds and timbres.


Legend of Zelda Intro on NES

Output - NES.svg

Legend of Zelda Intro on FDS

Output - FDS.svg

Emulation Status

Most NES/Famicom emulators can emulate the audio functions of the FDS audio.